In the Niseko, Hokkaido guest house gurigura HP welcome:)


Guest house GURIGURA is a facility offering rooms and meals at low prices so that travelers can travel cheaply.

It is an inn for backpackers called backpacker hostel where you can interact with tourists coming from various places.

Friendly and attentive little guesthouse!!
Please come and visit us like a homestay who came to visit our relatives' house!!


GURIGURA is a guesthouse dedicated to women. Men's use is not possible.


Bunk bed ドミトリー

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Bunk bed ツイン

2 people private room

Group private room

Bunk bed グループ個室

3 to 4 people

  • It is a high ceiling and its height is near 6 meters.
  • Because I am using hiba and Todo pine, it smells nice.
  • Annupuri, Iwaonyupuri mountains can be overlooked.
  • It is a calm atmosphere because it uses wood as the main light white.
  • The view from the window overlooks white birch forest and far mountain ranges across the fields and grass.
  • All in the hotel are non-smoking.
  • There are no TVs, sleepwear, toothbrushes, towels etc in each room
  • All rooms smoke-free.Please refrain from eating and drinking in the room as much as possible.
  • Since the GURIGURA family lives under the same roof, security is also thorough!!


The gourmet meal is a body-friendly organic homemade organic vegetable.
Hand made dishes all with plenty of vegetables.


  • Breakfast / 7:30(30min)
  • Dinner / 18:30(45min)
  • Please cooperate so that breakfast ends in 30 minutes and dinner ends in 45 minutes.
  • I am happy that you can help with serving and tidying up.
  • Rice is autologous polished rice with no pesticide.
  • Miso soup is handmade miso. I take it from soup stock.
  • Water is genuine natural mineral water with the snow melting underwater water of Niseko mountain range.
  • During the season, I am offering mainly homemade pesticide-free vegetables that can be taken at that time.
  • Eggs are fertilized natural eggs of flat-breeded egg shop's local egg 's field of mountain "of Kutchan.
  • Meat is basically chicken made mainly from Hokkaido.
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GURIGURA is a guesthouse dedicated to women. Men's use is not possible.

(Living room dining room cum)


There is a waist wall of Todomatsu and bright big windows, and you can relax at ease.

A large window looks like a picture frame, so you can look over the mountains of Annupuri and Iwaonyupuri and the forest at the foot, and you will not get tired of watching it all the way.

There is Niseko's information magazine and the surrounding attractions guide and various books.

Six kinds of tea can be drunk free at any time.


The shower is available until 21:00. Please use it at the designated time.



There are lots of flowers in the garden of the GURIGURA!More than 60 kinds of flowers bloom in the high season.

The landscape from the garden is 180 degrees backyard spreading the sky so you can see the vast landscape of the sunset and the sunrise of the hometown in the summer and summer.(There are times when you can see the sea of ​​clouds)

In the garden there are wood decks and benches where you can watch the mountains lying down and are leisurely at ease.

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