[Access...]niseko guest house gurigura
@@ Those of JR available

Is JR Kutchan stationget off.
  (So that there is no Norisugoshibecausethe numberis small,but pleasebe sure tocheck thetimein the latesttimetable)
  Youmorning and eveningwill befree transportationtoKutchanStation.

  KutchanStationdoesnot correspondto theICticket. It will becomeslowin a fairlycumbersomeprocedureifyou'veusedif.
  Pleaserideto buyaticketalwaysin cash.

Pick-uppick-upofDecember to Marchisonlytwo flightsof16:20minutes and18:05. Departureit willleave theat830-9inn.

From Sapporo and Otaru . From Hakodate and Oshamanbe.
New Chitose Airport Sapporo Otaru Kutchan Oshamanbe Kutchan
9:30 10:13 10:58 12:10
11:00 11:43 12:35 13:48
12:30 13:13 13:50 15:02 13:16 14:50
13:30 14:13 15:02 16:30
15:30 16:13 16:50 18:01 16:40 18:13

Pickup support flight
The arrival at 12:10 is pickup only for people going to the mirror marsh.
Only when is never in time; without dinner of the arrival at 19:46 guide you.

About the pickup is careful

In the case of arrival at 16:30, it becomes the pickup after arrival in the hot spring at a hotel (in the one that wants to enter the hot spring before a meal leisurely, arrival at 16:30 is recommended).
E In the case of 18:01, the time for meal, please get off a train immediately for a plan at 18:00.
It becomes the meal after arrival immediately at a hotel.
It becomes the hot spring pickup after a meal at about 19:20.
E When you go to the mirror marsh, come by arrival at 12:10 (gasoline cost campaign).
Because you leave after arrival immediately at a hotel, please eat in cars.
At 13:48, wait for the arrival at 15:02 in the cafes of the station square to pickup of the arrival at 16:30 leisurely at 14:50.
There is the recommended cafe which can take it easy! . Cycling may be possible.
(because you can take you to and from only when you are convenient, please talk)
E The pickup at the time of the arrival of the season is three kinds of niseko grand hirafu ski ground 16:00 in total at Kutchan Station 16:24 and 18:01 for winter. The departure to the station leaves the hotel for 30-40 minutes at 8:00.
It is an 8:40 plan to niseko grand hirafu.
(the pickup to the skiing area staying consecutively at is at Niseko HANAZONO skiing area 8:30.

E The basics suffer from the pickup to the station staying consecutively at meeting of (18:01) at 16:30 in the evening for the station at 9:00 a.m. (gasoline cost makes a contribution they are nerdy, and please talk willingly.)
E The pickup of the check-out day leaves a hotel basically at - about 9:00 at 8:50 a.m. (I can see cycling, half Yuehu trekking by use of bus from the use of locker station station in various ways on the departure date, and there is the rafting on the departure date by free of charge pickup, too and can send it to the station after the end!) .
E The way home goes to the starting point of a mountain climb to meet you by pickup of basic 9:20 at 15:50.
To the mountain of the departure date cannot take you to and from, but guide you to the mirror marsh.
E Airport 10:00 departure is at Kutchan Station 6:20, but is in time.
Because you can take you to and from without breakfast, refer willingly, and please do even departure early in the morning.
I leave baggage at the locker even if I come to Kutchan Station by a train in one hour after 13 at morning and 12:00, and there may be rafting and cycling (I go, in that case, to be able to leave for the station at about 16:20)
Please talk willingly!

@@One (chisel between the winter season) that comes by niseko hirafu going straight bus from New Chitose Airport (information from 2014 through 2015)
The meeting to the niseko hirafu skiground is 16:00.
The morning pickup is from 8:30 to 9:00.


@@Car, motorcycle, bicycle

From National highway No. 5, it is curve, approximately 6km in the Goshiki Onsen area (prefectural road Route 58).
Advance to the way toward the mountain; is approximately seven minutes on a car, a motorcycle from Route 5. It is on the right hill.
The mark is three angles of green roofs in a brick-colored building.
Because I pass the building, and there is a signboard immediately, there is an entrance.
Please enter at the drawing card entrance of "gurigura" by all means.
The car motorcycle, please arrive by all means until 17:00.
It is past 17:00; when is it, look for other hotels.
Approximate aim on a car, the motorcycle
E From Otaru approximately one hour 20 minutes (by Akaigawa way one hour ten minutes)
E It is approximately two hours from Sapporo
E It is approximately two hours via Otaki from New Chitose Airport
E It is approximately two hours from Tomakomai
Come by careful driving carefully; (^_-) -

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GPS N43.13.26 E140.59.37


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