[Facility...] niseko guest house gurigura

 Wel come

gurigura is the handmade small hotel which I built in families for approximately one year.

I keep it in mind to have guests are comfortable and spend it and enjoy it. . .
I value cozy space for such a homestay feeling that came to the house of the relative to play even for the first time.

・ ・ * * Can spend it with cleanliness in peace anytime. . .
・ ・ * * Is comfortable, and can sleep slowly in peace. . .

・ It is all the Western-style room of the handmade bunk bed.
Futon is always soft and fluffy.
・ I replace futon with two women use to twin room, ... master and use you as couple couples.
・ I use it for the dormitory 2 to 4 persons group private room for exclusive use of four room ... woman.
The height is nearly 6m on the ceiling of the high colonnade.
・ Because I use hiba, the fir, I smell good.
・ I can look around the mountains of niseko.
・ I use it for the dormitory 2 to 4 persons group private room for exclusive use of four room ... woman.
Because the tree uses the bright white for Maine, it is a calm atmosphere.
・ White birch forest, far-off Mt. Yoichi or insignificance root mountain look around the view from a window on a field and the other side of the grass and are splendid.
・ In July, the flower of the potato field is beautiful. When there is a roll of the grass.
・ There are no facilities such as TV in all rooms.
・ In the entirely non-smoking room cannot drink.
Lounge dining room living

There are the breast wall of the fir and a bright big window and can relax leisurely.
・ The table uses the Quercus crispula of products of Hokkaido and can put a leg with a kotatsu set in the floor style.
・ The big window is totally like the frame, and look around it, and the mountains of niseko and the forest of the foot look all the time, and they do not get tired of one either.
温泉 Hot spring (free pickup)

I take you to and from coming free to the Kutchan hot spring in JR.
It is a hot water natural 100% popular hot spring flowing constantly from the source of the outstanding beautiful woman in the way.
(hot spring charges are 600 yen separately below par)
(there is not the offer of the bath shower).
・ The person who cannot take the hot spring by a reservation until the day before of the shower can use it.
The use is until 8:00 p.m.
(because I use the natural water under the ground, and a boiler is small the bathtub I cannot use it)
・ Shampoo, the soap prepare, but there are no dryers.
The morning shower is not available.
・ The shower of the season is not available for winter.
It becomes all the pickup to the hot spring.

・ There are many flowers in a garden!
Flowers more than 60 kinds bloom in summer and autumn.
・ As for the scenery from a garden, Chaoyang of the view of the sunrise from the top of a high mountain can look at scenery and Natsuaki of the setting sun which a backyard is that the 180 degrees sky opens, and is very large (I can sometimes see a sea of clouds).
・ There are Wood deck and the bench which lie, and can look at the mountains in the garden and mends it leisurely in the morning in the everybody evening and appears.

・ A safe electric heater is put in each room in heating ... winter season.
・ Because there are not the night clothes towel bath towel toothbrushes
Take (^^ where the house coat has many people spending it with a jersey sweat shirt and a parka)
・ It is available for washing ...1 time 200 yen. It is with a detergent. There is not the dryer, but I air a room and but dry.
・ It is the radio orchid perfection in the hall.
It is a small small hotel, but can spend all pleasantly
I keep it in mind.
We do not have to worry about traveling alone really even for the first time!
As for the guest of the Natsuaki season, 80% travels alone.
Please come to play in peace; ^^

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