[Play...] niseko guest house gurigura

Rafting extreme popularity!

The trekking is fun, too!

A kayak experience!

Mountain climbing!

The cycling of the cafe circulation around Niseko Station is popular, too!

The cycling of Kutchan is a lot of cafe and sweets, too!

Niseko Annupuri mountain climbing!
I can see the scenery of such a large field by the cycling of Kutchan!
It is three minutes by car. A return of the mountain climbing pickup can look!

Even a beginner can do it
The half Yuehu trekking course is popular, too!
It is the most popular mirror marsh trekking course
Ski & snowboards by world eminent powder snow
The day when it was fine in the backcountry. The guide introduces me, too!
The snow shoes tour introduces a good guide, too!

It is snow shoes tour extreme popularity!
Niseko is the places that can play even if, anyway, I stay how many nights, and is pleasant such as visiting trekking (mountain climbing mountain climbing) marshes rafting cycling visiting spas gourmets. Please enjoy various play!
Here, I introduce play to be able to enjoy around a hotel.
You can come with an NOPE orchid!
I help with the plan to see the weather of the day.
Of the plan of the play that is students color color of a graduation trip and the student trip help you.
Please ask you a question willingly again and again.
Please refer for anything in one making a reservation of rafting and the canoe on the telephone.
■ Rafting kayak

It is rafting, ducky -, a kayak to be Niseko celebrity.
It is number one in Japan consecutively for clear stream four years and is the punting in the river according to the buttocks which fish, Ito of the illusion live in.
There are several companies of the tour guide in all Niseko and can enjoy it anytime.
Even the totally first person is all right.
Even a reservation is all right, but, as for Saturday and Sunday, the Bon Festival, an early reservation is certain the day before.
I act for a reservation.
Because there is the guide whom the person using JR takes to and from free to a hotel, please refer.

■ Cycling

★ The cycling in the rent-a-bicycle is extreme popularity, too!
(because the cycling is dangerous and goes down it particularly, and the main cycling cannot recommend a bicycle to the not to get on in usual times, and it is a self-responsibility in the accident injuries, approve it beforehand))
★ The cycling from around Kutchan Station rent-a-bicycle (Monday rest) of 500 yen.
In a place and liquor brewing and the hot spring which a large large field like Hokkaido and a long way can see.
The bakery cafes where is the most popular in shop Niseko of a shop and the hamburger of the pancake of the station square.
In the road for exclusive use of the cycling on the way!
★ There is paid rent-a-bicycle in around Niseko Station (there is the electric assist cycle, too).
In delicious lunch or sweets and the hot spring!
As for a lot of scenery that is good to cycling!

■ Mountain climbing, marsh walk (trekking)

I can climb one of two mountains to see from gurigura. Mountain climbing can climb even the beginner.
Even if a number stays days because there are various courses including the mirror marsh trekking, I do not get tired.
(because I cannot recommend a person and the insect which do not want to break a sweat because I am careful, and ... mountain climbing trekking uses some physical strength and walks in nature to useless, and it is a self-responsibility in the accident injuries, approve it beforehand)
■ Hot spring
Around Niseko is eminent hot spring heaven of Japan!
There is the one-day hot spring which can take a bath of 20 several places, and there is it.
The ladder of the hot spring is fun on a rainy day, too!
I take it after the car and motorcycle arriving early by all means, and putting baggage at the hotel.
Because there is a discount ticket at the hotel, please use it.
The person with the hope takes you to and from "the Kutchan hot spring" (I drain a nature bet) free in one using JR arrived at until half past 4.
There is a recommended hot spring!
■ The hose trekking is possible, too.
Will check the details in a net.

■ Ski snowboarding snow shoes

・ I take you to and from to the skiing area of Niseko of the world eminent powder snow.
I introduce a rental ski, the rental snowboarding.
The snow shoes tour reaches in the morning and can go to a lunch and the hot spring leisurely in the afternoon.
The guide introduces me.

It is snow shoes extreme popularity!
All two of them are students of traveling alone!

★ I give the map which the trekking courses such as mirror marshes appear in free.
Is a pretty illustration; is easy to extremely see it.
There are the lots such as maps around Niseko one of others, too.
I give all it free.
Get off on the way for the Sapporo Otaru middle, and be and can see both outward trip return journeys from New Chitose Airport.

■ Cafe sweets are gourmet leisurely

The good shop is in around Kutchan Station, ひらふ, Niseko.
I introduce a wonderful shop.
■ Indoor experience
Tole painting, a dragonfly lapidary (very popular with girls) can do it as an experience-based course.
★ Please ask you a question in the highlight and the play where free of charge anything.

The dragonfly ball which Risako made
The shop of the glass miscellaneous goods in the site of "the milk studio" is "wind of Niseko" and can experience the dragonfly jewelry.
Please on the middle of the cycling and a rainy day!
It becomes the memory of Niseko!

The dragonfly ball which the girls of the senior made in commemoration of graduation

Work ^^ of the !Makiha where there is the making of sandblast

The work which I made for three hours. Wonderful!

Naho of the producer.


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