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·We can not understand English. Conversation is only iPhone 's translation software. So please investigate your schedule yourself and plan yourself. What we can do is to pick you up at the station, the ski resort and the hot spring at a fixed time. Thank you very much. 

  About a business period and the closure

2017 Reservations are accepted for the summer autumn season! It is!
The business schedule of 2017 summer fall is from July 15th to 201st September 23rd.

Reservations for the 2017 - 18 winter spring season will start from August.
Business schedule · · · December 23, 2017 ~ March 19, 2018

★ Please check availability in reservation status.
Please feel free to inquire anything such as availability of reservation ^ ^

★ Guest house and dormitory are okay with your family Family people who would like to stay in the giggle Because the inn is small so please understand that children can not make noise and understand the characteristics of the guest house If you are happy to accept I will do.
Children above junior high school students can only accept family members who can come only by women.
Elementary school boy can accept reservation in the same room as mum.
(Please add the reservation form entry by the number of student women female, please specify the details in the message.)

· We are very sorry, but we will refuse the accommodation for children of preschool children because we can not prepare rooms with late sleeping etc. I'm sorry.


  Before staying; is careful; and about a cancellation fee

★ Before a reservation by all means
With "guidance of the staying"
"The guidance in the hall"
Please make a reservation after seeing it.
★ Staying in the winter season look at the page of Winter.top; ^^
★ When it is canceled the reservation, a following cancellation rate occurs.
I would like cancellation policy to make a reservation after confirmation, an agreement.
Because a cancellation rate occurs from ten days ago, please be careful
※ That reckon it from the first day of the accommodation date; is calculated.
※ The cancellation by circumstances such as the suspension of service such as planes is excluded.
Please transfer it to a designated account from this (please bear the transfer fee)

Summer and autumn season
Cancellation rate
It is 50% of hotel charges until ten days ago
It is 80% of hotel charges until three days ago
100% of day before hotel charges
100% of non-night hotel charges on that day

Winter season season
Cancellation rate
It is 50% of hotel charges until 30 days ago
It is 100% of hotel charges until ten days ago
100% of day before hotel charges
100% of non-night hotel charges on that day

★ The person coming on a car rent-a-car motorcycle, please arrive by all means by 17:00.
Because you cannot accept the reservation of the arrival to be over 17:00, approve it beforehand.
Please confirm the details in an access page.
・ I would like the cancellation by the email after it on the telephone until three days ago.


  Of the staying reservation is careful
I am very sorry, but approve it because you cannot accept the following reservations on account of the room and the facilities because it is a small guest house.
★ Of the arrival hoping for going out at one night slow at night cannot accept staying.
★ Because the dormitory becomes only for women, I do not accept the reservation of the man.
(the private room man dormitory mixture dormitory there is no room).
★ Because it is a guest house of the dormitory-style, the reservation of the one with many requests cannot accept pickup.

Please come to stay with care to the following items.
・ Entirely non-smoking.
・ It is a women-only hotel.
・ There is no bath, shower room. I take you to and from the hot spring free (it takes it, and it is said, and 600 yen is a hot spring!)

・ This facility is a backpacker facility called Guesthouse Backpacker Hostel.It is different from hotels and pensions.
Room wear (sleepwalk) towel Toothbrush etc please prepare yourself.
・ There is no service like hotel.Please understand.But as much as possible cooperate with your trip.
・ Gurigura is friendly and very small guesthouse.

★ I'm sorry.Reservations of guests falling under the following can not be accepted.
· We can not accept reservations for those who will arrive after the last check-in.
· We can not accept reservations for those who wish to go out at night.
· We can not accept reservations for people with many requests (such as transportation).


  Deposit of the reservation

In the case of a reservation from early time, the deposit of 50% of reservations is necessary.
I send the bill of the card payment of the payment in advance.
The decision of the reservation can confirm the payment of the deposit and empties.


  Reservation method in the net

★ The reservation with the reservation form is until 21:00 p.m. two days ago after a reservation start.
(you can have you make a reservation for several months)
The answer replies by all means within 24 hours.
Please confirm an unwanted e-mail folder because you think that it is refused to receive it concerning security when I do not arrive within 24 hours.
You have you input a different address when the answer of the reservation does not arrive within 24 hours and send it again, or please contact me with an inquiry form.
★ I'm sorry to trouble you, but please send a reply email of the confirmation in reply by all means if a reservation decision email arrives.
Because I call you back when a reply email of the confirmation does not arrive here and may contact me, approve it.
Please click the following button.

Reservation form


Mountains and forest to see from a garden and a window and blue sky star-filled sky Milky Way meteor setting sun ...
I want you to come to see it by all means. . . . .
Please come to heal a heart and a body leisurely.
(^_^) which waits for a reservation



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