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Hello, everybody!
Guest house gurigura is a very small guest house.
I run it in families.
Guests are everybody friendly.
A room is a women-only dormitory and a women-only group private room.
(I can put up only a couple and a couple by an exception)
Even traveling alone of the woman can stay in peace safely.
Dinner and the breakfast of the delicious home-cooked meal appear.
The view from a garden is very splendid!
It is a small guest house, but is very fun!
I look forward to being able to meet you.
Guriguraasthere area nicememoriesof theplace foreveryone!

Ratesand salesperiod

Reservations for the 2017 - 18 Winter Spring season started.
2018 The summer autumn season is scheduled from July 14th to September 23th.
The reservation will be accepted from April 2018.

 winter  2017,12,24~2018.3,19
 ・ 5,500 yen (student student discount 5,000 yen 23 years or younger) with half board

Summer and autumn   2018,7,14~9,23
 ・ 4,900yen (student student discount 4,400 yen 23 years or younger) with half board

I cannot accept staying without the meal basically, but, in the case of early departure, guide you separately in the morning.

The situation of the reservation
·・ The payment, please pay the difference by cash or the following card on the departure date.
(the payment in advance is possible by cash, a card, too)

The middle of apopularcyclingcourse! Both menaretraveling alone^^

・ You can enjoy mountain climbing, trekking, rafting, a kayak, cycling in autumn in the summer here.
There are a lot of hot spring and cafes, too.
・ A lot of flowers bloom in the circumference of the guest house. Please relax in a garden.
・ Please relax after delicious dinner in teatime.
・ The walk of the garden is recommended in the morning. I offer coffee and milk (only as for the summer and the autumn) having just finished squeezing it by a free service after delicious breakfast food.

・ The skiing area (Niseko HANAZONO Grand Hirafu can be slippery, too) that is famous for powder snow is near by car in three minutes (I take you to and from free in winter).

OkayinRaftingDuckyKayakbeginner! !

· Free pick up to JR Kutchan Station

· Mirinuma and trekking (Mt. Yotei Annupuri Iwauneupuri Onuma) can also be picked up at the gasoline costume.
(You can go to Naganuma at lunch arrival, climbing only for consecutive nights · arrival date Departure date can not be basic).
Please see the trekking page for the climb mountain pick up.

· Rafting can be picked up free of charge for round trip.

· In winter, Niseko HANAZONO ski resort (we can also go to Grand Hirafu) will be picked up free of charge in the morning and evening.

· Even those who use JR will be able to play with a lot of transportation from the station and using the bus from the station so please be relieved ^ ^!

Mountaineeringtrekkingalso~'m okayeven for beginners
-ThepersonofJRusealsovariousplayby bususefrom theshuttleand the stationto the stationbut pleasehaveconfidence because^^!
Check in

Check-in is3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Winter is from 16:00 to 18:00

-ThepersonofJRutilized inarrivingearlyif you wantto goto themirrorswampwill goto pickat12:10arrivalof thetrainbeforecheck-in. Ihot springwillalsopick-upthe evening)

- The direction ofyour carbikewe askto be able toarrive ato'clockalways17. (It does not matter atup to 30pmperson only17comesince the beginning of thehot spring. At that time,pleasecontactnecessarily).

For the room (dormitory-style)

-Room dormitory (other touristandshare) is the basic.
  ~'m Okaywithdormitoryfor the first timepeople! !
  Dmitryis ordered andwomen-onlyonly.
Staying in the one becomes all the dormitory.
-Man dormitorymixbecause it doesnot have adormroomreservationofmenis not received.

• Onlymarried coupleanda coupletowards therepeaterwill receivethemale (2 personsprivate roomonly).
  Please consultthefirst one.

-Two womenor3,4personsofgroupfamilies (female familyonly) You can haveisyourprivate room.

· Dinner is from around 18:15.
If there are guests arriving by train at 18: 01 (13), it will be around 18:30.
Everyone will eat together.

· Dinner · Breakfast is home-cooked with plenty of body-friendly vegetables.
In summer and autumn, we are making homemade vegetable-based homemade dishes carefully.

Please come to eat a Japanese home-cooked meal
8. Tea Time

Tea Time (from around 20:00) fun tochatwith everyone.
  Let'sdecidethe plan fortomorrow'splay! !

-WeatherI amlooking ateveryonewith a starifyou are happy.
  Have youseenshooting starsandthe Milky Way?
It is atremendous (> _ <)

·There is alights-out time.
Roughlyit iso'clockpm11.

And useofconversationand mobile phonesin thesmallbecause theinnafteroffroomis prohibited.

Everyonewillsee thesetting sun. Let's lookat the starsandmeteorof theskyandlying downin the garden!
Guidance of the tea time

-Summer and autumn seasonyou haveyouroutandhomemadesweetsand seasonalfruitsfor free.

· Putyourorganicteaandfreetohave.

·Sakewewillnot sell, such as beer (Sapporo classic350)plum winesodaMuscatsoda.

Spendleisurelyfunwith everyone(^ _ ^) v

- Pleasenote that you can notgo outat night. .
At nightyousee the starswith everyone. Meteorwill alsolook good^^

·Hallare allnon smoking.
·Each roomTV, nightwear, toothbrush, doesnot have anytowels.

-Overlooks theforestAn'nupuriofgrassfields andbirchfrom theroom.
-Inn alsointerioris alsoallownershandmadefamilywell asbed.

- SinceGuriguraoffamiliesare livingunder the sameroofsecurityalsois thorough! !

·Gurigurawehave manypeople whorelaxin the gardenbecause there isa goodview.

·There is noprovisionofthe bath-shower room inGurigura.
Bathinguntilhot spring, we have free transfer.

  It is ahot waternaturalpouring100 percentofHokkaido's leading beauty.
  ~Iskinissmoothsotakethe oldhorny.
  Hot wateris alsobeautifulbecausehot wateris abundant!
  (Hot spring feeit willputat 600yendiscount).

  Renhaku-chuwillgotoa variety ofhot springaftertrekking, climbing, cyclingyo ~! !

If you do notput in ahot springswillbe availableshower (use timereservations requiredup tothe day beforeis up to17:30)
  Morningshowers andwintercan not beavailable.

BreakfastIeatwith everyone.
  Leisurelyindroppingfreshorganiccoffeeand milkafterbreakfast!

★Breakfast isbasic7:30istime (will be 7:15Whensome peopleofearlydeparture).

(There is also when thebreadcomes outbehind the scenesmenu).

• Evenleisurelycoffeetimeafter breakfast.
  The organiccoffeefor freeit isput out.
  Thereare times whenevenfreshly squeezedpasteurizedmilk Dell (summer and autumn only)!
  (And -Isaythose whowant to gotogethersogo getthemilknear theranchaboutonceevery three days)

Morningandget up earlytopeopleto gofor a walka lot-! .
  There is awalkcoursethatwalkin the woods.
Colonofthis forestispleasant.

Check-out has become10:00.
  (Checkoutthewinterwe havebecometo9:00)

Naturaleggs andvegetablesbreakfast. Miso soupofhandmademisoisa rarity!

Everyoneto thesea of cloudstourwhen it islikely tobein the early morningsea of clouds.
Thisis the sceneryofa 5-minute drivefromHaguriGras.
Okaytraveling alonefor the first timepeople! !
  ~Iguest's traveling alonewillcomea lot!!

-Onepersonjourneyisanxiousfor the first timenotpleasefeel freeto ask a questionorcontact us if youhave anythingconcerned aboutaccommodation.

We are looking forwardtolooking forwardto be able toAffairyouandyour(^_^)

Important instructions.
・ There is no shower room (it needs reservations only in the summer and is usable). I take all you to and from the hot spring every day.
The pickup is free, but hot spring charges are 600 yen.
・ We cannot speak English very much. But I welcome the overseas guest.
・ It is a very small guest house. Please come for the feeling that came to the house of the relative to play.

GuriguraAswillbefunmaking memoriesof theplace!!

UsPlease,feel freeat any time!


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