Small pleasant friendly guest house of Niseko, Hokkaido

For a girl trip and a ski snowboarding trip of the Niseko, Hokkaido guest house gurigura winter!


New photograph of the guest house

Niseko HANAZONO skiing area (niseko gran hirafu skiing area) free of charge pickup

・ Pickup free to the Niseko HANAZONO skiing area proud of world eminent powder snow!
The Niseko HANAZONO skiing area is connected to the niseko gran hirafu ground by the lift. Because the lift ticket is common, the niseko gran hirafu skiing area can be slippery, too!
・ I sell a bargain lift ticket.

· Information on the transfer of The middle day
1, Niseko HANAZONO Ski area 8: 20minutes
Return Niseko HANAZONO ski area 16: 00-15 minutes
2, Go to Kutchan Station - 8:20
Return Kutchan Station –16:30  18:01

 Please also come to the winter female travel and trip alone by all means

 * Even the person who isn't sent can enjoy ski and a snowboard variously.
 A snow shoe tour (hike on the snow) is well-received.
 I'm introducing a funny tour guide (There is equipment wear rental.)!
 * Sand blast making of an indoor experience and dragonfly ball making By an outdoor hotspring bath of    snow, freely, a hot spring Lunch A cafe-,-.

GURIGURA is a small guest house of female exclusive use (Only a conjugal couple is possible.)
Even one lady can stay overnight surely.
I have the one by which two ladies are a female group for private room.
* The whole building no smoking Free WiFi
* It's welcomed and sent off for free of charge to a hot spring of beauty's hot water.
* By fun teatime, free.
* Organic meal gentle with a body
* The freshly it dropped free after breakfast, coffee

Important instructions.

· Last check-in is until 18: 1 (check-in after 18:00 can not be done).
· Dinner is from around 18:30(All other guests eat together..
· You can not go out at night. You can not do night skiing (because the road is dangerous because of snowstorm at night).
( If you want to go out after 18 o'clock, please cancel this reservation and make another reservation.)
· Breakfast is at 7:30.
· There is no shower room and bath in the guest house. I will pick you up from the hot spring (The transfer fee is free, it costs 600 yen for the hot spring fee, it is a very good hot spring!)
· Room wear (sleepwalk) Please bring your own towel toothbrush etc.
· There is a tea time that you can interact with other guests from 20 o'clock in the evening. Six kinds of tea can be drunk for free. We sell beer and sour.
· The guest house is away from the city. You can not go shopping or to a bank.I can only take you with ski resort and Kutchan station.
(We will decide all pick-up time here, you can not decide).
· All are non-smoking.
· The lights are off around 23 o'clock.Conversation in the room after turning off and using mobile phones are forbidden.
· Please refrain from eating and drinking in the bedroom as much as possible (the lounge is okay).
· Pick-up service is not permitted except for the designated time and place.
· Please adhere to each transfer time, dinner, breakfast time.
· We appreciate your cooperation so that dinner is cleared up and dinner will be within 45 minutes, breakfast will be completed within 30 minutes.
· Gurigura is friendly and very small guesthouse.
·We can not understand English. Conversation is only iPhone 's translation software. So please investigate your schedule yourself and plan yourself. What we can do is to pick you up at the station, the ski resort and the hot spring at a fixed time. Thank you very much.

 Winter season  .From December 22, 2018to March 16, 2019plan
5,700 yen (student student discount 5,300 yen 23 years or younger) with half board

I can't receive stays without meals basically, but the occasion of the early in the morning departure meets the special consultation.
* I'll settle payment in cash or a card in the departure date. (Cash It can be paid in advance in a card.)
A deposit needs the reservation from early time.
50% of hotel charges.
I send the payment in advance request email of the card payment from pay pal.
The reservation is settled after being able to confirm payment.
The local payment becomes remaining 50% and the balances such as hot spring charges.

Winter season season
Cancellation rate
It is 50% of hotel charges until 30 days ago
It is 100% of hotel charges until ten days ago
100% of day before hotel charges
100% of non-night hotel charges on that day

 【Information on pick-up place and time of check-in】
1, niseko gran hirafu ski field (before the ski center dot base) - 16: 00.
2, Kutchan Station - 16:30.
3, Kutchan Station - 18: 01 (13 minutes).
It is only 3 kinds.There is no other pick-up time.
16: 30 is recommended!
It is only 3 kinds.There is no other pick-up time.
Please contact me once you have decided on the pick-up time and location you want (please be sure to contact us 3 days in advance).
Please tell me the color and clothing etc of the luggage you bring on the day as a mark to go to pick up by 3 days in advance.

· Information on pick-up of check-out
1, Go to Kutchan Station - 8:40
2, Go to Niseko gran hirafu ski area 8:30 to 40 minutes
· Information on the transfer of The middle day
1, Niseko HANAZONO Ski area 8: 25 - 30 minutes
Return Niseko HANAZONO ski area 16: 00-15 minutes
2, Go to Kutchan Station - 8:40
Return Kutchan Station –16:30  18:01

I am looking forward to seeing you.
Thank you very much.
have a nice trip!!